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Work, Entrepreneurship and Economic Integration: Migration Research in Economics and the other Social Sciences

From: 2006-01-28 to: 2006-01-29
Place: Osnabrück, Germany

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Workshop Topic

The aim of the workshop is to encourage economists to expand their research interests to migration research as well as to encourage migration researchers from other disciplines to include economic aspects of migration and integration into their research. So far, the relation between migration research and economics has largely been one of mutual disregard.

For instance, the National Survey of Immigration Scholars (conducted in the USA at the end of the 1990s) analysed the scientific background of migration researchers. According to this survey, migration research has hitherto been dominated mainly by sociologists, historians and anthropologists.

Until recently, most economists perceived migration as a minor topic of interest. On the one hand, this is due to a ‘normative bias’ prevalent in many current migration research approaches. They concentrate to a large extent on questions of social integration and inequality. On the other hand, economists who work on migration use models of markets which are not popular among migration researchers in other disciplines.

Nonetheless, recently economists and migration researchers have developed a growing mutual interest which strives to clarify differences and similarities between the varieties of approaches in social scientific migration research.

This is the starting point for the workshop, which aims to further the exchange between economics and the other social sciences in migration research. We therefore welcome papers which focus either on economic aspects of immigration and integration processes and which apply economic methodologies to explore issues of migration research, or papers which discuss the relation between economics and other approaches in the social sciences.


Saturday, 28th

Michael Bommes (IMIS, University of Osnabrück): Migration, Economics and the (other) Social Sciences

Dragos Radu (HWWA Hamburg): Social Interactions in Migration Decisions: Evidence from Romania

Dennis Görlich and Christoph Trebesch (Kiel Institute for World Economics): Shedding Light on Moldova's Migrants: The Migration Decision & New Insights into the Phenomenon of Seasonal Migration

Wei Shen (Loughborough University): A Study on Chinese Student Migration in the United Kingdom

Laura Ehrlich (Tartu University Estonia) / Gustavo Javier Canavire Bacarreza (Economic and Social Policy Analysis Unit, Government of Bolivia): The Impact of Migration on Foreign Trade in Bolivia

Mete Feridun (Cyprus International University): Investigating the Economic Impact of Immigration on the Host Country: The Case of Norway

Irena Kogan (MZES Mannheim) and Yinon Cohen (Tel Aviv University): Next year in Jerusalem - or in Cologne? Labor Market Integration of Jewish Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel and Germany

Holger Kolb (IMIS, University of Osnabrück): States as Clubs? The Political Economy of State Membership

Michael Windzio (Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, Hannover): The "Exit Option" of Migration from East to West-Germany: Individual and Contextual Origins of Spatial Mobility of Unemployed Workers

Sunday, 29th

Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov (Utrecht School of Economics): Workers' Remittances and International Risk-Sharing

Florin Vadean (HWWA Hamburg): Determinants of Migrant Remittances: Evidence from German Micro Data

Kirsten Hoesch (IMIS, University of Osnabrück): Sector Structures and Labour Migration. Interdependencies in European Health and Care Sectors

Oded Stark (Universities of Bonn, Klagenfurt, and Vienna; Warsaw University), Maja Micevska (University of Klagenfurt), C. Simon Fan (Lingnan University and University of Klagenfurt), Ewa Kepinska (Warsaw University): Seasonal Migration

The complete program can be downloaded below in the attached files section.


The workshop will take place at the University of Osnabrück, Seminarstr. 20, Osnabrück, Germany


If you want to attend this Workshop, please print the registration form and send or fax the completed copy to INFER.

The registration fee covers participation in the conference, coffee-breaks during the conference and a complimentary copy of the conference volume for paper presenters.

The registration fee for speakers and other participants will be:


Please note: the annual membership fee for private INFER members is 25 EUR only (institutional INFER members 200 EUR). You are invited to become a member!

Publication of Papers

The accepted papers will be published as articles in the conference volume

Organisation of the Workshop


This is a joint workshop of the Network of Excellence "International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion" IMISCOE (in particular, the cluster at the University of Osnabrück) and the International Network for Economic Research (INFER) Working Group: Economics and Social Sciences.




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