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7th INFER Workshop on Economic Policy: The Consequences of EU Enlargement to Eastern European Countries

From: 2004-11-26 to: 2004-11-27
Place: Murcia, Spain

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Workshop Topics

The EU expansion to Eastern European countries is an interesting topic for economic research. As we know, ten new members joined the European Union in May 2004. The main objective of this workshop was to analyse the main consequences of this expansion with respect to economic growth, convergence, international trade and capital movements. Changes to be expected for the Structural Funds policy inside the EU was discussed during the workshop as well.

The INFER Workshop “The Consequences of EU Expansion to Eastern European Countries” aimed at discussing these issues in a broad sense. Theoretical, empirical and policy orientated papers on related issues were presented.

Target group

The conference was addressed to experienced researchers and professionals from business, government or non-governmental institutions. Junior scholars and PhD students were encouraged to submit a paper.

Publication of papers

Papers presented at the conference will be published in a conference volume in early 2005. The registration fee for speakers includes a complimentary copy of the conference volume.



Registration 10:00- 12:00

Opening Conference- 12:00

Prof. ANGEL DE LA FUENTE, “The Private and Social Return to Schooling in the EU”. Instituto de Análsis Económico, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) y Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

Lunch 13:30 (*)
Parallel Sessions- 15:00-17:00

Fiscal Policy I
Chairman: Bodo Herzog

* CHRISTIAN RICHTER, “Europe at the Cross Roads: Structural Reforms, Fiscal Constraints and EMU enlargement” (joint with Andrew Hughes and Svend E.Hougaard), University of Loughborough

Discussant: Bodo Herzog, Universität Bamberg

* URICH VOLZ, “European Financial Integration and the Financing of Local Businesses in the New EU Member States”, HWWA

Discussant: Helena Marques, Department of Economics, Loughborough University

* BODO HERZOG, “Fiscal-monetary interaction and the Stability and Growth Pact in Europe”, Universität Bamberg

Discussant: Francisco Alcalá, Universidad de Murcia

Chairman: Anton Nakov

* JUAN CARLOS NEGRETE, “Rigidities and Inflationary Bias in Transition Economies” (joint with Juan Cristóbal Campoy). Universidad de Murcia

Discussant: Francisco Candel, Universidad de Murcia

* ANTON NAKOV, “Granger Causality of the Inflation-Growth Mirror in Accession Countries” (joint with Max Gillman) Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Discussant: Israel Sancho, Universidad de Murcia

Macroeconomics and Business Cycles
Chairman: Lorena Saiz

* MARILENA GIANNETTI, “Entering a Monetary Union: Macroeconomic Effects in Acceding Countries”, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Discussant: Máximo Camacho, Universidad de Murcia

* LORENA SAIZ, “Are European Business Cycles Close Enough to Be Just One? (joint with Gabriel Pérez Quirós and Máximo Camacho), Banco de España

Discussant: Marile Giannetti, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Coffee Break 17:00- 17:30

Plenary Session 17:30-19:00

CARLOS SAN JUAN. “Rural Income Inequality and Direct Payment"
joint with Ricardo Mora) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Social Event: 20:00 Visit to the city centre of Murcia
Dinner: 21:00 (*)


Parallel Sessions- 10:00-11:30

Fiscal Policy II
Chairman: Helena Marques

* ANTONIO CALEIRO, “On Some Possible Effects of the European Union Enlargement to the Fiscal Policies” (joint with Carlos Vieira) Universidade de Évora

Discussant: Christian Richter, University of Loughborough

* SABINA POGORELEC “Fiscal Coordination in the European Union and the Role of the Ownership Structure”, Boston College

Discussant: Bodo Herzog, Universität Bamberg

* HELENA MARQUES, “The Skilled U-shaped Europe: Is it Really and on Which Side Does It Stand?, University of Loughborough

Discussant: Carlos Vieira, Universidade de Évora

Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates
Chairman: Ramón María-Dolores

* MAREK JAROCINSKI, “Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in the East and the West of Europe: A Comparison”-

Discussant: Ramón María-Dolores, Universidad de Murcia

* JOSE GARCIA SOLANES, “Exchange Rate Regimes for the New Member States of the EU” (joint with Ramón María-Dolores), Universidad de Murcia and CentrA, Spain.

Discussant: Marek Jarocinski, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

* RAMON MARIA-DOLORES, “Monetary Policy Rules in Accession Countries: Is the Taylor Rule a Pattern?”, Universidad de Murcia

Discussant: Lorena Saiz, Bank of Spain

Coffee Break: 11:30-12:00

Plenary Session – 12:00-13:00

MICHAEL H. STIERLE, European Commission and International Network for Economic Research (INFER).

“How can EU cohesion policy contribute to convergence in an Enlarged EU?”

Lunch: 13:30 (*)

Social Event: 15:30 Visit to the City of Lorca

*: Sponsored by the University of Murcia.


The workshop took place in Murcia and Lorca, Spain.

Organisation of this workshop



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