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7th INFER Workshop on International Economics

From: 2008-03-28 to: 2008-03-29
Place: Murcia, Spain

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7th INFER Workshop on International Economics

jointly with the
Spanish Association of International Economics
and Finance (AEEFI - Asociación Española de Economía y Finanzas Internacionales)
28-29 March, 2008
University of Murcia, Spain

Workshop Objectives

This joint workshop provides an opportunity for all those interested in International Economics to exchange ideas. Researchers, especially young researchers, are invited to submit theoretical and applied papers in all topics relating to International Economics, including this year’s special topic:

“Exchange-rate regimes and exchange rate pass-through in emerging market economies”

Researchers are also encouraged to organize their own sessions. The keynote speakers will be:


The workshop is open to anybody involved in International Economics issues, including both young and experienced researchers, post-doctoral students, and professionals from business, government and non-governmental institutions.

Submission of Papers

Only full papers may be submitted. All papers must include a cover page with the following information:

All papers and proposals for organized sessions should be submitted electronically to the workshop organizers:

as doc or pdf files (preferably pdf) on or before

December 31, 2007.

Papers must be in English, and should not exceed 25 pages (A4 or letter) including all references, tables and the like. The text should be formatted in Times New Roman 14pt with 1.2 line space and 2.5 cm (1 inch) margin on each side. Footnotes should be formatted in 12pt with 1.2 line space. Please avoid colours in graphs and pages in landscape.

All papers will be peer reviewed. Authors of accepted papers will be notified no later than

January 25, 2008.

Paper presenters are expected to discuss one other paper during the workshop. The discussant assignments will be made by the workshop organizers at a later date.

Publication of Papers

Upon agreement with the authors, papers presented at the workshop will be published in one or more INFER volumes in due course after the workshop. For details of possible publication outlets see and click on publications. Authors also have the possibility of submitting the papers presented at the workshop for publication in a special issue of an internationally recognised journal to be announced in due course.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for speakers and other participants will be:

Please note: the annual membership fee for private INFER and/or AEEFI members is 25 EUR only (institutional INFER members 200 EUR). You are invited to become a member!


The workshop will be held at the University of Murcia; Facultad de Economía y Empresa (Departamento de Fundamentos del Análisis Económico y Departamento de Economía Aplicada), Campus de Espinardo, 30100 Murcia, Spain.

Accommodation and Dinner

For accommodation and dinner, please click here.

Further Information

The workshop websites at and will provide updated information concerning registration details, downloadable registration forms, travel and accommodation facilities, etc.

Questions may be directed to the workshop organizers:




FRIDAY, 28 March

11:30 – 13:30

Session I: Exchange rate pass-through and domestic inflation I.

Yoshida, Y. (Kyushu Sangyo University). “A new evidence for exchange rate pass-through: Disaggregated trade data from local exports”

Discussant: Marques, H.

Ruelke, J. C (WHU- Otto Breisheim School of Management). “Does Inflation Targeting Matter? Evidence from Taylor Rules

Discussant: Yoshida, Y.

Marques, H. (Manchester Business School). “Exchange rate and tariff pass-through into import prices of India: Currency depreciation versus import liberalisation”

Discussant: Ruelke, J. C

Session II: International trade

Martínez Zarzoso, I. (Universitat Jaume I and University of Grottingen) “Modeling the dynamics of Spain’ relative export strength”

Discussant: Van Hove, J

Leitao, N.C. (Technological University of Lisbon): “Country-specific determinants of intra-industry trade: a static and dynamic analysis”

Discussant: Martínez Zarzoso, I.

Van Hove, J (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and HUB). “Innovation and Bilateral Exports of Heterogeneous Firms: the case of a small open regional economy”

Discussant: Leitao, N.C.

Session III: Financial Integration (I)

Camarero, M. (Universitat Jaume I). “Does the real interest rate parity hold for OECD countries? New evidence using panel stationary tests with cross-section dependence and structural breaks”

Discussant: Abbott, A. J.

Sokolov, V. (ICEF Higher School of Economics). “The impact of Capital Account Liberalization on the Linkage between Domestic and Foreign Interest Rates: Lessons from the Russian Experience”

Discussant: Camarero, M.

Abbott, A. J. (Bath University). “Evidence on the impact of exchange rate regimes on foreign direct investment flows”

Discussant: Sokolov, V.

15:00 – 17:00

Session IV: Economic Integration

Fernández de Córdoba, G. (Universidad de Salamanca). “Fiscal harmonization in the presence of public inputs”

Discussant: Martínez Zarzoso, I.

Torres, J.L. (Universidad de Málaga). “The Lisbon Strategy and the initiative 2010: A prospect for growth and productivity?”

Discussant: Fernández de Córdoba, G.

Martínez Zarzoso, I. ( Universitat Jaume I and University of Grottingen). “The effect of trade facilitation on sectoral trade”

Discussant: Torres, J.L.

Session V: EU Enlargement

Cuestas, J.C. (Nottingham Trent University). “Purchasing Power Parity in Central and Eastern European Countries: An analysis of unit roots and nonlinearities”

Discussant: Sosvilla-Rivero, S.

Staehr, K. (Tallin University of Technology, Bank of Estonia and Netherlanden Central Bank). “The Maastricht inflation criterion: what is the effect of expansion of the EU?

Discussant: Cuestas, J.C.

Sosvilla-Rivero, S. (FEDEA and Universidad Complutense de Madrid). “Implicit Exchange regimes in Central and Eastern Europe”

Discussant: Staehr, K.

SATURDAY, 29 March

9:00 – 11:00

Session VI: Exchange rate pass-through and domestic inflation (II)

Metcalf, H. (University of Newcastle). “The influence of country specific price inertia on exchange rate pass-through”

Discussant: García-Solanes, José

Babetskaia-Kukharchuk, O. (Czech National Bank and University of Paris I.): “Transmission of exchange rate shocks into domestic inflation: The case of the Czech Republic”

Discussant: Metcalf, H.

García-Solanes, José (Universidad de Murcia) “Devaluation and pass-through in risky and indebted economies”.

Discussant: Babetskaia-Kukharchuk, O.

Session VII: Economic Integration

Serena, J.M (Bank of Spain): “Assessing the sustainability of external positions in the new EU members”

Discussant: Campoy-Miñarro, J.C.

De Santis, R. (Institute for Studies and Economic Analysis, Rome). “The single currency’s effect on Euro zone sectoral trade: winners and losers”

Discussant: Serena, J.M

Campoy-Miñarro, J.C. (Universidad de Murcia) “Structural reforms and budget deficits in a monetary union. A strategic approach”

Discussant: De Santis, R.

Session VIII: Exchange Rates and Economic Convergence

Sosa-Navarro, R. (EPEE, University of Evry Val d’Essone) “Foreign Banks and Credit Volatility. The Case of Latin American Countries”

Discussant: Cuestas, J.C.

Bask, M. (Bank of Finland). “Long swings and chaos in the exchange rate in a DSGE model with a Taylor rule”

Discussant: Sosa-Navarro, R.

Cuestas, J.C. (Nottingham Trent University) “Testing for price convergence among Mercosur countries”

Discussant: Bask, M.

11:15 – 13:15

Session IX: Financial Integration (II)

De Blas, B. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). “Exchange Rate Dynamics in Economies with Portfolio Rigidities”

Discussant: Pierucci, E.

Gómez-Puig, M. (Universitat de Barcelona). “Systemic and idiosyncratic risk in EU-15 sovereign yield spreads after seven years of monetary union”

Discussant: De Blas, B.

Pierucci, E. (University of Roma, La Sapienza). “International risk sharing: methodological issues and an empirical assessment”

Discussant: Gómez-Puig, M.

Session X: International capital flows and Labour markets

Muller-Plantenberg, N. (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid). “Balance of payments accounting and exchange rate dynamics”.

Discussant: Anón Higón, D.

Anón Higón, D. (Aston University, Birmingham). “Total factor productivity and the role of ownership & national chains: evidence from the British retail sector”.

Discussant: Horgos, D.

Horgos, D. (Helmut Schmidt University, University FAF Hamburg). “Labour Market Effects of International Outsourcing: How Measurement Matters?

Discussant: Muller-Plantenberg, N.





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